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1- Being Saved
2- Be Praying (Talking)
3- Be Listening (Bible)
4- Be Abiding (Focus)
5- Be Controlled (H.Spirit)
6- Be In-Love (Giving)
7- Be Loving (Others)
8- Be Hating (Sin)
9- Be Reaching (Sinners)
10- Be Worshiping (Jesus)
11- Be Praising (The Lord)
12- Be Persistent (Pressing)
13- Be Obedient (Bible)
14- Be Empowered (Cross)
15- Be Crucified (Cross)
16- Be Resurrected (Walk)
17- Be Envisioned (See) 
18- Be Enlightened (Aware)
19- Be Tactical (Plan)
20- Be Dressed (Battle)
21- Be Belted (Truth)
22- Be Plated (Righteous)
23- Be Shoed (Peace)
24- Be Shielded (Faith)
25- Be Helmeted (Salvation)
26- Be Quoting (Bible)
27- Be Prayerful (All-time)
28- Be Assembled (Church)
29- Be Shaped (Potter)
30- Be Vesseled (Honour)
31- Be Defeating (Defeat)
32- Be Doubtless (Trust) 
33- Be Repentant (Defeat)
34- Be Faithful (Defeat)
35- Be Rejecting (Lies)
36- Be Strongholdless (No)
37- Be Imaginless (No)
38- Be HighThingless (Lies)
39- Be Captivating (Thought)
40- Be Revenging (Actions)
41- Be Walking (Spirit)
42- Be Walking (Turth)
43- Be Walking (Heirs)
44- Be Walking (Faith)
45- Be Walking (Suffer)
46- Be Walking (Prayer)
47- Be Walking (Thanks)
48- Be Walking (Aware)
49- Be Walking (Love)
50- Be Walking (Joy)
51- Be Walking (Ordiance)
52- Be Walking (Victory)
An Independent Ministry Outreach of the Belmont Baptist Church, Conyers Ga.

My 1 Year Revival.jpg

Lesson 52: Be Walking (Victory)

Today's Text: 1 John 5:1-10

Walking = Victory - An Application of All Truth
Walking  = Faith in His Word, His Spirit, His Blood (Life)
Walking  = Capitulating (Submiting) + Walking (Exersising)

Keys "Walking in Victory, Walking in the Life of Christ"
Simply "Be In Christ and Allow Him to Control You"
Remember "Our Victory is in Who We are In Christ "

Principle - Walk in the Victory that is in  Christ 
Keys - Walk In Faith in the Victory that is Christ - His Word - His Spirit - His Blood (His Life)

1 John 5:4 - For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.
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